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Based on the book by Jenny Nimmo.

Fantasy story.

Gwyn lives on a farm in Wales and finds out he is a wizard.

The wolves of Willoughby Chase

Blackhearts in Battersea

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Based on the book by John Masefield.

Kay goes home for the holidays and meets a Punch and Judy man who has a magic box full of wonders. Kay and his friends have to save the magic box from the 'wolves' who want the magic it holds.

Based on the book by Helen Cresswell.

A time-travel, ghost story.

Araminta's father has died and she lives with her mum. She goes to stay with an old aunt for the holidays. The aunt lives near a stately home and that's where Minty meets the ghosts and tries to help them.

Based on the book by Edith Nesbit, who also wrote The railway children.

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